My name is Katie Maguire

I was born in San Antonio, TX, November 27, 1986

I graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Business Management (minors in sociology and economics).

I love exploring and trying new things – new food, new music, new dance moves. When going for a jog, I will purposely run a slightly different route just to make things interesting. I also like learning new facts whether from books or conversations with others.

I enjoy singing, listening to music (most anything but especially folk music), and tap dancing.

My vocation story: I grew up familiar with the “whats” of the Catholic Church but few of the “whys.” I went into high school with a love for being Catholic (the thought never occurred to me to be anything but Catholic), but I had no idea that God wanted to know me personally until I attended a Church retreat and a Christian summer camp.  I can remember being amazed at things my counselors did – they not only said they were Christian and were nice to others, they actually prayed daily and made decisions based on those prayers. They invited me to do the same. I began to model my spiritual behaviors off of these women and what I had grown up with – I prayed in the morning, I typically wrote in a journal, and I went to Sunday Mass. I also helped out with Church retreats back home, where I was overjoyed to actually have spiritual conversations with my friends. This was a tremendous grace amidst the temptations of a teenage life.

I entered college with a firm commitment to Jesus but wondering why the Catholic Church was special because I knew deep down that it was. I was encouraged by my campus priest to look for answers and to not be afraid. I slowly became more involved with the Catholic center and began to notice in my Catholic friends a deep joy of being Catholic, and this joy was contagious! By my junior year, I was living out my faith more deeply and becoming more and more open to wherever the Lord was calling me. This included a greater openness to the religious life, which previously had been a completely foreign and terrifying thought. I joined a women’s discernment group and was edified by seeing other women actively considering their Vocation. I also began to discover more of my own identity, and I recognized a passion for sharing Christ with other young people. I found a full-time ministry called FOCUS with this same passion and joined as a missionary after my graduation.

My first year as a missionary in Boston I recognized a call to discern the religious life as a Vocation before thinking more about marriage, and so I moved closer to the one community I knew moderately well, the Apostles of the Interior Life. I was able to spend time with the community, and through a very simple conversation with one of the sisters, I realized that the Call wasn’t as complicated as I was making it. Jesus was calling me! The Lord continued to pursue me, which was exciting but difficult for my hardened heart. However, the more I surrendered to Him, the more free and alive I felt!

I met the Apostles for the first time as a student at Texas A&M. They came on staff at the St. Mary’s Catholic center when I was a senior. I entered spiritual direction with Sr. Michela soon after they arrived.

My first impression was that they were crazy and fun Italian nuns! Also, I couldn’t tell them apart (I know, I’m a stereotypical American).


I began the experience with the community in August 2011as I moved in with the AVI community in Lawrence, KS, during a time of experience which continued in January 2012 semester as I move to College Station to live with the house at Texas A&M. June the 2nd I got on a plan and flew to Italy to begin formation.


I desire la vita abbondante (the abundant life)! I desire more Jesus – in the world and in me.