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The charism of the Apostles of the Interior Life is at the heart for what is needed for the renewal of the life of the Church in our time. It is clear to me that the hand of God is upon this sapling community.

I have seen already the great benefit the Apostles are to our Archdiocese, helping us advance in the essential element for pastoral renewal – providing rich opportunities for education in prayer and growth in holiness. I am thrilled with their willingness to help form others in their journey towards God.

The joy, the abandonment to God’s will, the simplicity of life and the delight in introducing others to their friend Jesus, that so characterizes the Apostles of the Interior Life, has captivated the hearts of the laity, deacons, priests and bishops of this Archdiocese.  We give thanks that God’s providence has brought them to America’s heartland.

I am very grateful for the presence of the Apostles of the interior Life in the Archdiocese with their special charism and expertise in the area of spiritual direction.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS



In a message in 2006, Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the need for “a new generation of apostles anchored firmly in the word of Christ, capable of responding to the challenges of our times and prepared to spread the Gospel far and wide.”

The Apostles of the Interior Life are part of this “new army” of faithful apostles who love Christ and his Church, and are committed to guide souls, particularly young people, in their spiritual formation and life of prayer. I have known and admired the Apostles of the Interior Life for quite some time now and I give them my full support. Their joy and the enthusiasm for the Lord are contagious!

Bishop James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln, NE


In the early spring, it often appears that winter dominates the landscape. However, just below the surface, a massive movement of new life is afoot. The hopeful eye quickly sees and delights as new life shows abundant signs of the good, the beautiful, and the true on the rise. The Apostles of the Interior Life reflect the nascent and burgeoning life of Christ in the present and coming springtime of faith. Wherever they are, the love of Christ is alive and growing. I am deeply encouraged by the presence of the Apostles on our campuses and particularly in their work of providing spiritual direction and preparing others to do the same through the AVI Spiritual Mentorship School. The more faithful and able guides who can set out to lead others to the pure water of our faith, the more the faithful will praise His name and rise to His high calling of authentic living. If you want to know, love, and serve Christ and His people in a dynamic and fruitful way, engage with the Apostles of the Interior Life in your journey of faith, you won’t regret it.

Dan Burke, Executive Director of the National Catholic Register

Author of “Navigating the Interior Life”


The Apostles first came to the USA as an answer to prayer. I had been hoping to find a group of women religious to come to the University of Illinois to aid in our Ministry to over 10,000 Catholics at the U of I. Unbeknownst to me, Sr. Susan and the community of the AVI were visiting Champaign, IL to give a parish mission. When Fr. Tony Dittmer brought them to the University to visit I knew that God had arranged the moment. They were the perfect fit! These “beautiful souls” whose charism is spiritual direction, formation and evangelization were exactly what I had hoped to find. They flourished at the University, helping so many young people discern what God was asking of them. They brought a wonderful balance to our ministry with their emphasis on the contemplative dimension of our faith. They continue to bless the Church in the United States especially the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas and the Diocese of Austin, Texas.

Msgr. Stuart Swetland

Vice-President for Catholic Identity at  Mount St. Mary’s University 


I was blessed to meet the Apostles of the Interior Life in January, 2002.  The seeds that they planted in my heart back then led to the deepest conversion of my life. I began a spiritual journey that renewed my marriage, ignited my prayer life, and challenged me to embrace all the teachings of the Catholic faith. Their joy is overflowing, their love for Christ and His Church—contagious, and their witness to holiness—inviting.    Always faithful to the Magisterium, they proclaim truth.  Where ever they go, marriages are strengthened, families are renewed, and vocations to the religious life and priesthood flourish. What a gift they are to the Universal Church!

Patty Schneier, Speaker and Guest on Catholic Answers Live

Author of “Love Letters from Mom”