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College Station, Texas A&M Campus Ministry

In August 2008, three sisters opened a the house in College Station, TX upon invitation from the St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University.We felt welcomed immediately, thanks to the warm welcome of the staff and the students. Without having even much time to get settled, we began straight away offering spiritual direction to students who desired it, and began to evangelize on campus.

St. Mary’s is an extremely active catholic center where many students go to Sunday Mass and daily Mass frequently and participate in the various activities offered during the week.

It has even reached National recognition when an article by the Pope’s biographer George Weigel appeared on the National Catholic Register in 2011 (click here to read the article).

We are often invited to give meditations and talks to the dozens of groups present at the St. Mary’s. Every month, we organize at our house a “movie night” and encourage discussions after the movie about topics of faith and life. This is usually happily accompanied by home-made pizza that is always much appreciated by the students. Beginning in 2009, we started offering the Samuel Group, a journey of vocational discernment that lasts for eight months.

Another initiative that we offer is the “nights at the convent”, where we open our house to women who are interested in learning more about consecrated life. The women come and help us cook, then we enjoy a meal together, and we continue by presenting a topic related to consecrated life and open the floor for Q&A. We then conclude with Night Prayer and the promise that the following month we’ll teach them one more yummy Italian recipe 😉

Our contact info:

Sr. Celestina Menin,  Sr. Raffaella Cavallin, Sr. Tatum McWhirter, Kalin Holthaus

c/o St. Mary’s Catholic Center

603 Church Ave

College Station, TX 77840

Phone 979-219-7933