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Rome Motherhouse

The Apostles of the Interior Life have their formation house in Rome’s Olympic Village. Some apostles who have already finished their studies live in the house of formation in order to witness what it means to be an Apostle of the Interior Life.

The young women in formation attend the Pontifical University of the Lateran daily, dedicating the rest of their time to prayer, community life, and, to certain degree, also to apostolate. They participate in some of the apostolic activities that the older sisters undertake during the year. These apostolic activities vary. For example, some Apostles offer spiritual assistance to the students at the high school of St. Joseph De Merode.

In addition they give parish missions throughout Italy, especially for young people. They organize a couples’ group which meets every month to meditate on the Word of God and to share their own experiences. Recently a group of young people desiring to receive formation in evangelization has also been born. Therefore, once a month the Apostles call together a “Password” spending the entire day in prayer and friendship with the young people often making pilgrimages to the most important religious sites in Rome. Another important responsibility is their evangelization at the Faculty of Engineering near St. Peter in Chains where they also help with liturgical celebrations (Mass, Penitential Rites, etc.) and propose educational opportunities for the students.

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Sr. Tiziana Mazzei, Sr. Sabina Nicolini, Sr. Simona Panico, Sr. Antonella Genduso, Sr. Simona Ciullo, Sr. Janel Olberding

Tatum McWhirter, Kelly Deutsch, Ruth Kuefler, Katie Maguire, Brittany Brown

c/o Apostole della Vita Interiore

Via Gran Bretagna 20/2

00196 Roma – Italy

Phone +39-06-8081064