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Meet Someone in Discernment

“Christians are made, not born” (Tertullian, Apol XVIII).

Is the same true for sisters? Each vocation is a gift , a call to be answered.

The seed of a vocation is received in Baptism. It is a gift of love from God to every human being. It is the beginning of a beautiful love story. Then the call is received and answered when the person is more mature. The journey takes this call to the next level: commitment to love and Serve Him.

The mystery of our vocation is known to God alone. We would like to share our journey with you, how we came to discover His call in our lives and the path on which He is leading us.

You will find the story of “regular” college-age women, in love with the Lord and ready to give up their plans: their careers, the desire to marry and have a family, and more… to leave their country and to FOLLOW HIM.